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Spare Parts (First Year Reading Pick, 2018)

The First Year Reading Program selection for 2018.

Spare Parts Research Guide

Spare Parts book cover (Macmillan)Welcome!

Welcome to the research guide for the First Year Reading Program's 2018 pick, Spare Parts. The information you'll find here will help you better understand the story of Spare Parts and the lives of Oscar, Lorenzo, Cristian, and Luis.

The staff of the Samuel C. Williams Library looks forward to meeting you when you arrive at Stevens in August!


To help in the understanding of both the life of the students at the center of Spare Parts and Spare Parts itself, the videos below introduce some key topics, including U.S. immigration history and policy and undocumented immigrants. Please watch them and apply what you see and hear to the text of Spare Parts as you read it.

Image source: Macmillan Publishers

Spare Parts at the Library:

First Year Reading Program at Stevens

FYRP Summer Contest!

The Summer Contest is now closed to new submissions. Thank you to all who entered! The winner will be announced at Orientation on August 23 and displayed or shown at Convocation on August 29.

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Undocumented College Students

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Undocumented Children

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Sanctuary Cities

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Why Sanctuary Cities Aren't Safe Under Trump (AJ+ (Al Jazeera), Feb. 2018)

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