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Copyrighted Material in Canvas Faculty Guide

Guidance and information on the use of copyrighted materials in Canvas.

Course Reserves & Canvas

In general, the Library advises faculty who want to use articles and ebooks available through Stevens database subscriptions to link to the item through the Library catalog in Canvas to ensure consistent access.

You may also consider checking the list of databases below to find out if the vendors and/or publishers allow for educational use of their content in a learning management system.

Using Library Resources in Canvas

Infographic: title: Using Library Resources in Canvas, screenshots of the Library homepage, Library catalog, share pop-up, and article record on publisher website.

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Using Library Resources in Canvas

STEP 1: Look for the full title in quotations in the Library search everything bar. Library website:

STEP 2: In the catalog results, look for the Share button, and select Copy link from the pop-up box.

STEP 3: Use the catalog link in your Canvas shell to route students to the article or ebook through the Library catalog.

Educational Usage Permissions by Database & Publisher

To use an article or ebook from Library database subscriptions in a digital course pack (compilation of course materials) or electronic course reserves (through the Library or in Canvas), find the item's publisher on the list below.

Permissions about course use beyond what's covered by fair use are based on the policies set by the publishers. These publishers provide specific language about course packs and electronic reserves in their licenses or terms of use, either allowing it to institutional members, requiring advance permission, or forbidding it altogether.

Some of these databases include open access articles or works in the public domain (for more on that, see the Always Okay to Use tab). Permission for educational reuse is unnecessary in those cases. The policies below therefore refers only to scholarly articles published behind a subscription paywall.


An alphabetical list of Library databases, including the website that explains their policies (if available) and whether they allow electronic course reserves and/or digital course packs.

Please note: these policies apply only to members of the Stevens community who have institutional access to these databases.


Posting an item to Canvas for educational purposes does not exempt an instructor from copyright regulations. The information presented here provides guidance but should not be considered legal advice. 


Please email to consult with a librarian for guidance on the use of copyrighted course materials.
For all Canvas-related questions, please email to create a support ticket.