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Stress Less Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

Fun things to do wherever you are!

The staff of the Samuel C. Williams Library is here for you during fall finals.

❄️The Library Pets Think You'll Do Great!

​​The staff of the Samuel C. Williams Library and our pets are rooting for you and your friends.


Fill out the Message from the Library Pets form to get a special message of support from the Library staff’s cats and dogs during finals sent to you and/or a friend.

Submit your request today! Pet messages will be sent out December 14 through the end of finals. There are no limits on the number of messages you can have sent, and we're happy to send them to anyone.

❄️ Library Activity Tables in the Great Hall (starting December 14):

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Games
  • Sudoku
  • Coloring


❄️ Always Available on the Stress Less Guide:

  • Digital escape rooms
  • White noise apps
  • Remote games to play with your friends
  • And more!

Many thanks to the Stevens Archives & Special Collections for providing the coloring sheets and archival jigsaw puzzles included here.

❄️ Library Hours

If mobile, slide > for more days.

❄️ The Library wishes you good luck on your finals and a restful winter break! ❄️

Fun things for a quick distraction.



There are all sorts of beautiful image collections online, of flowers and space and objects and the planet; here's a random assortment.


Word Nerdery