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E580/ME514: Sustainable Energy

A guide to Stevens Library resources that are recommended for E580/ME514

Term Project

E580 Sustainable Energy Term Project                                               

Spring 2017

The goal of the semester project, is to design a sustainable energy system that provides a beneficial solution to a pre-defined energy problem. Your team will begin by defining the problem scenario, and then propose and execute a solution for it based on alternative, sustainable technologies that you have been exposed to in this course. Your analysis will be based on the tools that you have learned about in this course in addition to the engineering background possessed by you and your teammates. Specifically:

1. Your team will use its creativity to define the scenario which requires the production of energy. You will define the parameters involved, such as the location of the project, the kind of application (residential, commercial, utility, etc.), and the specific application (e.g., light manufacturing, sports venue, condominium project, etc.), subject to the further constraints below.

2.  Your energy production system must contain at least two types of energy producing technologies (e.g., wind and solar-thermal, photovoltaic and nuclear, wind and advanced fossil fuel combustion, etc.).

3. Your system must be designed to meet a demand of at least 150 kW. Your scenario must be consistent with this level of demand.

4. You will define the benefits of your system, including economics, benefit to the environment, etc.

5. Your professors will give you feedback early on as to the acceptability of your scenario and approach to solving it based on the following timetable.