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CH 115: General Chemistry I

A guide for students in General Chemistry I.

Introduction to Academic Research Video

Find 4 articles published in the last 5 years from the databases listed here and keep track of your citations to enter in the follow-up quiz in Canvas.


Important! Save two of these articles for an assignment later in the semester.

1. ACS Publications (2 articles)

The American Chemical Society publishes scholarly and trade publications. You will need to find an article from two sources:

  1. An article from a scholarly journal (such as the Journal of the American Chemical Society)
  2. An article from the trade publication C&EN (Chemical and Engineering News)

2. Nature (1 article)

The scholarly journal Nature is published by commercial publisher SpringerNature. Nature is one of the most selective multidisciplinary journals in all of scholarly publishing.

3. Science (1 article)

Similar to Nature, Science is also a selective multidisciplinary journal. It's published by the nonprofit professional society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science.