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HLI 312 Modern Literature

A research guide for Anthony Penino's Modern Literature course.

Who can you trust about your topic?


Who created this source?
Does the author represent an organization?
What are the author's credentials?

These questions should lead you toward the AUTHORITY of your information source.


How does you source prove or validate their argument?

Does the author provide references to back up their arguments?
Does the source provide valuable, relevant information?
Has the author looked at the material objectively?

These questions should lead you toward the RELIABILITY of your information source.


Is the date of publication for your source important?

Is the information accurate for when it was written?
How current is it?
Does the author keep it updated?

These questions should lead you toward the CURRENCY of your information source.


What kind of perspective or view does your source have?

Is this fact or opinion?
Is the author trying to sell something?
What point-of-view is being expressed?
Is the purpose to inform, to entertain, to teach, or to influence?
Who is the author writing for? 
Is it biased in any way?
Are there advertisements?

These questions should lead you toward the point of view or purpose of your information source.


Remember . . .

Put your sources to the test! Test it for the Criteria above. It's easy to remember:




Purpose/Point of View

Does it meet the C.R.A.P. Test?




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