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Information on registering to vote and current NJ elections for eligible Stevens students.

US Federal Elections, 2020: US President

Following the July 7 primary, the following candidates have been nominated to represent their party in the coming general election. Donald J. Trump (R), the current president, is running for reelection.


... More about Pres. Trump:


... More about Vice Pres. Biden:

Campaign Finance

NJ Congressional Elections, 2020: Senate (statewide) -- General Election Candidates

Of NJ's two Senate seats, one is up for election this year. The current incumbent, Cory Booker (D), is running for reelection.


...More about Sen. Booker:


Third Party Candidates

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NJ Congressional Elections, 2020: House of Representatives (Hoboken and Jersey City) -- General Election Candidates

Each of NJ's twelve seats in the House of Representatives is up for election in 2020. Following the primary elections of July 7, 2020, the following candidates for the 8th and 10th districts (Hoboken and Jersey City) were named the nominees for their party.

For information on the Congressional races in all other districts, see Ballotpedia:

8th District (Hoboken and part of Jersey City)

Image: Map of the 8th Congressional District (source:


...More about Rep. Sires:

Republican (no primary opponent):

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10th District (part of Jersey City)

Image: Map of the 10th Congressional District (source:


...More about Rep. Payne:


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