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English Language Communication Research Guide

A research guide for English Language Communications students at Stevens.

MLA 8: Formatting a Citation

Author(s).“Title of Source.” Title of Container, version, number, Publisher, Publication date, Location. Database, Location. Accessed __.



Author - see box below for uses of author names

"Title of Source" - article, website, blog post, book chapter, essay in anthology, tweet.

Title of Container - journal, webpage, blog, book, Twitter.

Version - edition, volume.

Location - page numbers (pp.), URL, DOI. Database locations should be DOI or permalink URLs.

Accessed - use for websites and social media posts.



Smith, Max. “My Cat.” Journal of Feline Felicities, vol. 43, no. 2, Jan. 1999, pp. 19-34.

Smith, Max. All About My Cat. Clear Mountain Publishers, 1999.