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Literature Reviews

How to understand and write a literature review for an academic paper or research article.

Systematic Reviews: How and Why

Systematic reviews are a particular review type in which a research question is asked based on the literature found using a very specific set of criteria. All of the components of the search and analysis are included in the written document so that anyone reading the review would be able to perform the exact same search and find the exact same results. Systematic reviews are therefore very useful to read both to get a basis in the work on a subject and also for clues in how to perform your own literature search, whether or not it will be as thorough as that done for a systematic review.

How to do one

Where to find some


Systematic reviews and review types based on systematic reviews are made systematic in large part due to the very structured process they must follow. These protocols help guide reviewers to conduct their reviews according to the standards set in each discipline.

Protocol Repositories

Critical Appraisal