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Weapons of Math Destruction (First Year Read, 2021)

A guide to the 2021 First Year Read pick, Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neil.

AI in Lending

Federal Awareness and Potential Regulations

AI in Lending: Pro and Con

Credit Reports and Scores

“People with savings, of course, can keep their credit intact during tough times. Those living from paycheck to paycheck are far more vulnerable. Consequently, a sterling credit rating is not just a proxy for responsibility and smart decisions. It is also a proxy for wealth. And wealth is highly correlated with race.” (p. 149)

Your Credit

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) was created following the 2008 banking crisis to give consumers more power against financial institutions, including the complicated topic of credit. While credit scores are typically understood to come from the three companies - TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian - there are multiple other reports collected about you and you are entitled to view them all. You are also able to submit a complaint with the CFPB should you notice an error on any of your reports.

Credit Education

Credit Cards