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Lies, Facts, and the Future of Our Democracy

This guide collects information and recources discussed in the forum presented by Romel, Courtney, and Vicky on March 3, 2021.


Psychology & Neuroscience

Controlling the Spread of Misinformation
(APA Monitor on Psychology, March 2021)

The Psychology of Misinformation
(Autralasian Science, March 2015)

A Neurophilosophy of Fake News, Disinformation and Digital Citizenship
(Blog of the APA, August 2020)

Would You Notice if Fake News Changed your Behavior? An Experiment on the Unconscious Effects of Disinformation
(Computers in Human Behavior, March 2021)

Why Librarians Can’t Fight Fake News
(Journal of Librarianship & Information Science, March 2019)

Information Disorder: Toward an Interdisciplinary Framework for Research and Policymaking
(Harvard Kennedy School, October 2017)