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Meet the Library, Fall 2020

The librarians and staff members of the Samuel C. Williams Library are here for the Stevens community in fall 2020! We may not all be on campus this semester, but we look forward to working with you, wherever you are.

Get to Know Your Library Staff

While we can't have our traditional fall open house, we invite you to join the virtual version!

Every September, the librarians present an open house to introduce ourselves and the Library to the new students on campus. As that is not an option for us this semester, we came up with the following activities that offer a similar (if remote) experience!

  • Meet your librarians in the introductory video

  • Get to know the librarians and Library staff through an interactive quiz

  • Let us know where you are on our Where Are You (From)? map!

Wherever you are, your librarians are here for you!

How well do you know your Library staff?

Play the game and find out! Get to the end to submit your email address for a neat Library-related prize.

Where are you (from)?

Our traditional maps of the world, Asia, and New Jersey are usually displayed for the month of September in the Great Hall with a ready supply of map tacks, and they always prove popular. This year, however, we have made the activity virtual, which allows members of the Stevens community to respond from wherever they are!