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EN 423: Environmental Engineering Senior Design

A collection of resources for use in EN Senior Design projects.

Literature Searching: Citation Indexes

When you need to include every article written on your topic for your project's report, there is no single place to look to make sure you've found everything.

However, the job is made somewhat easier by databases known as citation indexes.

Scopus and Web of Science track how often papers are cited, and it is through this citation analysis that you can get a sense of what people have written and what, based on the citations, are considered foundational papers in the field. You should do your search in both to make sure you're catching everything; while there is a fair amount of overlap, they draw from different collections of publications.

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Subject-specific citation indexes

Literature Searching: Publisher & Subject Databases

When looking for research on your project topic, you can start by searching the Library's "search everything" bar and finding a broad selection of articles to which we have access, or you can go directly to one of these databases for a more focused search.

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Publisher Databases

Subject Database