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EN 423: Environmental Engineering Senior Design

A collection of resources for use in EN Senior Design projects.

Regulations & Legal Documents

EPA Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency is the government body tasked with enforcing the laws passed about chemicals, substances, and other materials that affect the environment. The Substance Registry Services (SRS) database collects all of that information, including links to the relevant laws and statutes, in one place.

What regulations guide your work? When you need to find the legal information that applies to your project, you can either go right to the federal agency or use a Library database.

Nexis Uni includes legal opinions and state and federal regulations, and the Government Publishing Office provides open access to the current Code of Federal Regulations, which govern the U.S.


Government Docs

Not sure which agency regulates a particular topic? Start with

Or start with the regulations and search for the topic.

Cite these documents in APA:

Federal & Local Info

Federal research, reports and info

Census data about the U.S.

Federal Science

Find some key federal science research, including regulations, reports, data, and articles, through these government websites.

Portal to federally funded science research:

Federal water research

Biomedical literature database

Where to find articles about the physical effects of lead in drinking water.