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CE 514: Long-term Structural Resilience

Library and web resources for CE 514

Welcome to the CE 514 research guide

Welcome to the Samuel C. Williams Library research guide for CE 514 Long-term Structural Resilience. This guide has been created to highlight library material that supplements your lecture work for the course. In this guide you will find library resources to help you with your CE 514 assignments. And if you need additional help, please ask!

CE 514 Catalog description

This course introduces the fundamental mechanisms of mechanically and environmentally induced aging of metal and composite infrastructure. Efficient analytical and numerical approaches are discussed to assess aging-induced damage on the material level affecting the load-carrying performance of structural components and the global system, which enables life-cycle assessment of structures. Further contents of the course are repair and rehabilitation methods of aged infrastructure, and technology to mitigate or even prevent aging. Thorough understanding of the impact of aging to our metal and composite infrastructure enables future engineers to resopnd effectively to the infrastructure crisis and exploding maintenance costs the world is facing, and contribute to sustainable design of infrastructure.

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