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CE 373: Structural Analysis

A guide to library material that supports CE 373: Structural Analysis at Stevens Institute of Technology

Study aids for structural analysis

Interactive tools

Beam analysis calculators from AccessEngineering

These Excel workbooks (in SI and US units) calculate maximum values, plots and tables of beam deflections, shear, and moments. The external reactions acting on the beam are also calculated. The user specifies beam length, load (concentrated forces, distributed forces, and concentrated moments) values and positions, and elastic modulus, and results appear in clearly labeled output cells, tables, and plots.

Interactive graphs from AccessEngineering

AccessEngineering provides interactive graphs that allow users to enter data points in order to analyze structures. Interactive graphs are identified by this icon: 


Strength of materials calculators from Knovel

Knovel provides a number of interactive equations to analyze the strength of materials in bars, beams, columns, and shells. Sample equations are also provided.

Deformation calculators from Knovel

Knovel provides equations for failure and stress/strain, including sample equations.

Structural Engineering Calculators

These calculators are from