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CE 373: Structural Analysis

A guide to library material that supports CE 373: Structural Analysis at Stevens Institute of Technology

Welcome to the CE 373 research guide

Welcome to the Samuel C. Williams Library research guide for CE 373: Structural Analysis. This guide has been created as a supplement to your work for the course. In this guide you will find library resources to help you with your CE 373 assignments. And if you need additional help, please ask!

CE 373 Catalog Description:

Shear and bending moment diagrams for beams and frames. Statically determinate trusses influence lines and moving loads, deflection of beams using moment-area and conjugate-beam methods, introduction to energy methods, deflection of beams and frames using unit-load method, introduction to statically indeterminate structures, approximal methods, moment-distribution and slope-deflection methods. (3 credits)

Course textbook