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HLI 220: Images of Science in Literature

Welcome to the Images of Science in Literature Course Guide

Welcome! This guide hopes to serve as a useful resource for you in HLI 220: Images of Science in Literature. It collects the materials discussed in the lecture by Vicky Ludas Orlofsky, Instruction & Scholarly Communication Librarian ( Questions? Suggestions? Shoot me an email!

Gulliver in Lilliput Captures the Invading Fleet From Gulliver's Travels, Book One

19th Century. Artist Unknown. Chromolithograph.


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From Britannica Online

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Gulliver in Lilliput Captures the Invading Fleet from Gulliver's Travels, Book One. N.d. Britannica ImageQuest, Accessed 29 Sep 2016.

Course Description

This course investigates the views man has expressed about the advent impact of technology and science across recorded history. Questions that might be addressed include: What is the relationship between religion and technology? Has man always viewed technological innovations as positive? What relationship is there between man’s vision of utopian society and technology? Readings may include, but are not limited to, novels, philosophical treatises, and the literature of various societies.

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