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BME 701: Selected Topics in BME – Writing a Review Article for Biomedical Engineering Research


Scopus includes a few very useful ways to analyze articles in groups, either as a collection of search results or as the articles that all cite a particular article. Here is an image of the "Documents by type" graph for articles in a search, showing the formats of every work in this particular search.

Web of Science

Web of Science includes ways to analyze search results and run citation analyses, which can analyze all the works citing one article or several in a search. This is a box showing the "Citation Network" for a highly-cited article, and from which of the databases tracked within Web of Science the citation data is produced. This particular article has been cited 835 times and has 39 citations in its own reference list. When you're looking at an article record, click on the numbers to see the articles that cite it as well as its references, and click on "View Related Records" to see other articles that cite the same articles as the one you're looking at.