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Career Research

A guide to career research detailing valuable resources available through Stevens and the S.C. Williams Library. Freely available web/internet resources also included.

Researching Your Career: Company News, Company Information, and Company Research

When you are trying to see what companies would be interested in what you do, take a three-pronged approach:

1. Company News

2. Company Information

3. Company Research

Start by looking for the topic you're interested in in the databases for Company News as a way to see what's out there.
Keep a list of company names of interest, which you can then bring to the databases for Company Information to find out more about the companies themselves.
And check out the Company Research databases to find out what scholarly research has been done by those affiliated with the company.

Note: off campus users must log into myStevens before using Library databases.

News, Information, Research

Company News

These databases include our subscriptions to newspapers like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal as well as many other business journals and newspapers. Search for your topic (use "quotation marks" to keep terms together) and keep note of what companies have been written about for doing work in your area. You can then look up the companies themselves in these databases, and/or bring the names to the databases in Company Information, below.

Company Information

These databases are best for finding out deeper information about companies, particularly those that are publicly traded. If you're looking for a company that is privately held (not traded on the stock market), your best bet is to stick with the Company News databases, as there is less information available about them. For publicly traded companies, look for company profiles in the following databases for more detailed history, financial and company structure information.

Company Research

Finally, these databases are known as abstract-and-index databases and their main purpose is to bring together journal articles and conference papers on all subjects. You can use them in a couple ways:

  1. Look for your topic in the keyword search, then narrow by Affiliation (Scopus) or Organization-Enhanced (Web of Science) to see what companies/organizations/institutions are producing research on an issue; or
  2. Do an Affiliation search in Scopus or use Advanced Search in Web of Science to look for the company name specifically, which will show what work has been done by those affiliated with that company.