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Graduate Student Workshops

Materials and more information from workshops given for grad students, from Fall 2013 to the present.


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The Concept Map

A concept map makes clear the relationships between concepts, and helps you to figure out what aspect of a topic is of most interest to you as well as most workable as a research question. You can create a concept map either using software, and some options are below, or with pen and paper. Both have good points and bad points; pen and paper is unmediated, and lets your mind work unimpeded by the time and thought that must go into the hand-to-mouse-to-drawing-tool-to-circle part of working on a computer. However, a digital concept map can be expanded, copied, and amended, allowing for revision of the original in a way that a drawn map does not. You will figure out which way works best for you.

The map structure also works for other purposes, such as:

  • paper structure and organization
  • vacation plans
  • holiday present shopping
  • all kinds of things!

Digital concept map software:

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