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Civil Engineering

Research resources for civil engineering

Welcome to the Stevens Civil Engineering Research Guide

Welcome to the Samuel C. Williams Library research guide for civil engineering at Stevens. This guide has been created to provide a broad survey of the library resources available to civil engineers at Stevens. In it you will find library resources for your civil engineering projects, as well as career information, including resources for PE certification. And if you need additional help, please ask!

History of Civil Engineering at Stevens

Classes in traditional civil engineering topics were first offered at Stevens through the Department of Structural Engineering. In 1929, the structural engineering department was renamed the Department of Civil Engineering, and it existed as a standalone department until 1968, when it was removed from the organizational structure and its courses were renumbered as mechanical engineering courses. In 1973, civil engineering was reintroduced as a division of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 1982, the Department of Civil Engineering was reestablished, and the following year it joined with ocean engineering faculty to create the Department of Civil and Ocean Engineering. In 1989, the department was reorganized into the Department of Civil, Environmental and Coastal Engineering, followed in 1995 by the creation of the current Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering.